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Where to get Scientology Services


Get started right at home

Everyone in Scientology starts the same way, by reading a book. And probably the best book to start with is Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard.

More than just a book, Self Analysis contains exercises that you can do right at home to improve your well being. You will learn quite a lot about yourself and at the end, if you are diligent and don't cut corners, you can become a better friend to yourself than you have ever dreamed possible. You will laugh and you will cry, for the road upward begins with making peace with yourself and becoming your own best friend again. By doing the exercises in Self Analysis you will find there is a great deal to like about yourself that you have long ago forgotten.

The exercises within Self Analysis will keep you going for weeks and all for the price of a book.

After that comes another book which contains a higher level of self-improvement exercises from L. Ron Hubbard. That book is called Handbook for Preclears.

If you like what you've done so far, you may continue your progress right at home by reading more books and lectures by L. Ron Hubbard. Or, with these first two books under your belt, you are welcome to check our reviews regarding professional auditors and training centers, and move up even higher with the assistance of trained professionals.

Church of Scientology

Scientology counseling and courses were once delivered by the Church of Scientology, but Church management now refuses to help anyone who will not give up important legal rights, such as the right to a refund if you are not satisfied with your service for any reason. They also insist any individual seeking service from the Church of Scientology abide by a strict code of internet censorship that bans any websites published by whistle blowers.

At the top of their list of banned websites are whistle-blowing websites created by Scientologists such as and At the slightest provocation, such as refusing to donate large amounts of money, people within the Church of Scientology have been interrogated to find out if they have read any information exposing the ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology, Mr. David Miscavige, as a corrupt, abusive violent man who runs a private prison called "the Hole" where approximately 65 senior executives including the elderly President of the Church, Heber Jentzsch, have been incarcerated since 2004 and which is located at 19625 Gilman Springs Rd, Gilman Hot Springs, CA 92583.

Church of Scientology website
People receiving services within the Church are also not allowed to read anything about how for 26 years Mr. Miscavige banned thousands of staff within the Church from having children, thus paving the way for forced abortions. They are also not allowed to read anything about the culture of violent torture and physical abuse within the areas of the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige's direct control.

David Miscavige
Anyone reading any eye-witness information like this, can be cut off from friends and associates who are Scientologists by a practice called "disconnection." No one know how many thousands of friendships, marriages and families have been split up, but what is evident is that most Church of Scientology facilities are completely empty. The Church's official response was to raise prices into the straosphere and even beyond that, to where an hour of auditing may cost upwards of $3,000, sums not refundable.

If you purchase a book or lecture from any Church of Scientology, you might we well advised to use cash and not give them your address, lest you receive unwanted mail for years to come.

Since the Church of Scientology as led by David Miscavige is no longer selling or delivering Scientology auditing and courses, Churches of Scientology now survive by demanding large sums of money from wealthy Scientologists some of whom are celebrities. After aggressively collecting money in this way since the mid 1980s, the Church has amassed some $1.5 billion and now survives on the interest from this sum.

You of course are welcomed to visit any Church of Scientology and see for yourself. And if you do, please return here and write a review.

Perhaps our consumer reviews will actually help to curb such anti-social policies over time. We think so.

Independent Scientology

  Voice of Independent Scientology

If you think such drastic departures from humanitarian values are counter intuitive you are in good company. Since Miscavige grabbed power in the early 1980s about 99% of all Scientologists have left the Church. Yet many of those Scientologists who left, citing intolerable corruption and abuse of power, remain passionate about the philosophy. They hold that the Church does not use its own philosophy — that is the problem.

In December 2009 a handful of Scientologists who were eye-witnesses to the corruption and who also had the temerity to expose the abuses of the corporate Church began to speak out publicly about what they knew. These whistle blowers made waves that quickly grew into an entire movement that is now known as Independent Scientology.

Many of these "Independent Scientologists" who have broken away from the corrupt Church still feel strongly that Scientology services should be available to anyone who wants them, not just millionaires who can afford services within the Church. And so they have started to open centers all over the world.

Their modest facilities are not gaudy but enormous buildings are not what Scientology is about anyway. Their wealth is measured not by money but by a sincere desire to help others and the meaning they bring into the lives of others.

Of course prices outside the Church are a tiny fraction of the cost of what they are inside. Rates vary, but expect to pay a good Scientology auditor what you might pay a good accountant or an excellent mechanic.

Auditing is normally sold in blocks of 12.5 hours called an "intensive" because auditing is most effective when it is delivered intensively.

You will find links to both the Church of Scientology and Independent Scientology at the bottom of every page in this website.

Good luck!

Want auditing?



Self  Analysis (August 1951):  Possibly the best introduction to the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. Self Analysis contains both a series of essays on the basic discoveries Ron had made up to this point in his research as well as an extensive auditing section that a person can do by themselves right at home. The book contains a special version of the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation and a series of tests one can do to discover where you're really at. Then, by applying the processes from the second half of the book, one is guided through a path of self-discovery. At the end, you will re-do the tests to confirm your improvement. How good can you get? These techniques have been in use for more than six decades and Ron referred to them again and again throughout his research, stating that the processes here were capable of curing any neurosis.

This is the starting point for anyone wanting auditing. You will be audited by L. Ron Hubbard himself through the pages of this book.

Find a copy in used bookstores or at,, eBay. Or you can buy a new copy from these Church of Scientology organizations (but once you give them your address they may continue to send you junk mail) Bridge Publications or New Era Publications.